Virtual Pilgrimage – Guest Blog – The Rev. Amanda Stephenson


Today’s blog post was written by the Rev. Amanda Stephenson, who lead a group from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, in High Point, NC on pilgrimage to Ireland and Scotland. The itinerary that was developed for them was new and custom designed to highlight the history, beauty and holiness of Celtic Christianity. Since their return, many other groups have selected and traveled on that very same itinerary! We thank Amanda for her powerful words and hope you enjoy learning more about her group’s pilgrimage experience. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Stratford-upon-Avon, England


Did you know that Shakespeare once did a performance using only puns? It was a play on words! 

Of the notable names throughout history, William Shakespeare may be one of the best known. His plays and sonnets are some of the most memorable within the English language. If you look him up on Google, you’ll find 776 quotes that are still in use; all are attributed to him. Other than his writing, what do most people know about him? He was from Stratford-upon-Avon. That’s about it. So, join us today for a visit to Stratford to learn more about this quaint village and its most famous resident. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – For the Beauty of the Earth


Today, we share with you a video blog of flowers, gardens and nature from around the world. The project was inspired by the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth”, written in 1863 by Folliott Sandford Pierpoint. We hope you enjoy this video presentation. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Tel Dan, Israel


About an hour north of Tiberias sits the ancient site of Tel Dan. Near the headwaters of the Jordan River, Dan is uniquely lush and green in and today is a National Nature Preserve. Join us, today, as we visit Tel Dan and learn about its Old Testament history and connection. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Guest Blog – Pastor Jerry Mantooth


Today, we have a guest blog written by Pastor Jerry Mantooth or Monte Vista Baptist Church, in Maryville, TN, and is a reflection on time in Israel. Pastor Jerry led a group of pilgrims to the Holy Land in 2019 and is looking forward to new travel opportunities in the future. We appreciate his words and reflections on his time traveling with Faith Journeys. If you have a pilgrimage experience you’d like to share, please email us at complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Cardiff, Wales


When most people think about traveling the United Kingdom, their focus is on England. I’m sure some (including myself) might choose Scotland or Northern Ireland. The fourth country of the “UK” is often forgotten when planning an adventure to Great Britain. Today, we’ll cross the border into Wales and visit it’s capital city, Cardiff. So, Croeso i Cymru! complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – A Virtual Photo Tour of London


Join us for a day-trip around London and some of its most iconic sights.
Photos by Darren S. Herring, Music: “Adventure” from complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Guest Blog – The Rev. Dr. L. Holton Siegling, Jr.


In January of 2019, a group of Presbyterians from the Lowcountry region of South Carolina were preparing to depart for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In preparation of their departure, one of the group leaders decided to offer a sermon to help the group members (and the church, at large) better understand why they were going, what they would see and how it might impact their lives. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Washington, D.C.


Not all pilgrimage travel needs to be international. Today, we’ll focus on how a visit to a site within the United States can be a great experience for your group and an easy introduction to group spiritual travel (especially for younger travelers). So, join us for a virtual pilgrimage of Washington, D.C., as we celebrate the 4th of July! complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Tabgha


There is a site on the banks of the Sea of Galilee that is believed to be the very spot where Jesus performed one of his most memorable miracles. In fact, all four Gospel narratives share the same story of this miraculous event. Today, let’s visit Tabgha, the site where it happened. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Travel News


Over the past few weeks, Faith Journeys has been sharing stories from the news of the loosening of travel restrictions and openings of religious sites around the world. Today, we would like to share information that has come directly from Faith Journeys staff around the world. This edition is from people, not news sources! complete blog »
The High Altar

Virtual Pilgrimage – British Churches and Cathedrals Slide Show


The churches and cathedral of the British Isles are considered to be some of the most beautiful houses of worship in the world. Today, we are highlighting some of those very buildings with a slideshow of photos taken by our National Director of Sales, Darren S. Herring, over his many years of living in the traveling to the United Kingdom. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Ayrshire, Scotland


Tucked away in Southwest Scotland is the county of Ayr. It is the home of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, who once wrote about the area as: “Auld Ayr, wham ne-er a town surpasses, for honest men and bonnie lasses.” Follow us, today, as we visit the County of Ayrshire, with stops at Troon, Ayr, and Culzean Castle. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Virtual Touring


Since many of us had travel plans for this summer and were looking forward to seeing new and exciting things on our pilgrimage adventures, I thought today I would post some resources for visiting sites virtually. Below are a few links to virtual tours or videos on popular pilgrimage sites around the world. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to post and share your own photos and videos from your faith journeys. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Singing at York Minster


When I lived in the United Kingdom I was blessed with the opportunity to work as first a Choral Scholar and later a Lay Clerk (pronounced “clark”). I’d like to share a bit about the British cathedral choirs and the buildings where they sing every day! complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Video Photo Blog


Today, I’m trying an experiment to see if we can post a video onto our blog. We’ve created a short two minute video of scenes from the Holy Land. I hope you enjoy (and this work). complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Guest Blog – Eleanor Barron


Since 1989 my husband and I have led ten groups on religious tours, mostly to the Holy Land but also to Oberammergau, Italy, Greece and China.  Almost 300 people from our congregation and neighboring churches have traveled with us.   Pilgrimages are unlike any other travel experience, because you are there to deepen your faith and are carrying your mini-congregation with you to share that spiritual journey.           complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Avebury, England


About an hour southwest of Oxford is a site called Avebury. You’ve probably never heard of it, and rightfully so. The Village of Avebury is very rural and has a population of about 500 inhabitants (with twice that many sheep)! It is a stunning site to visit and explore. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Beit She’an, Israel


Have you ever seen something that has mentally transported you to another place and time? There are so many famous sites around the world that I’ve seen in photos, movies and films that when I see them in person, I say to myself, “Oh, that looks exactly like I thought it would.” But, there are places that strike me with awe and exceed any expectation of what I thought they would look like. One of those places was when I visited Beit She’an in Israel. I’d like to share my experience with you. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Bath, England


Tucked away in the quiet Somerset region, Southwest of England, is the ancient city of Bath. From it’s Roman baths to Victorian spas, this city has been “on the map” since the 1st century! Join us today as we visit Bath and Bath Abbey. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Bethany/The Mount of Olives, Israel


Yesterday people from around the globe celebrated the Feast of the Ascension, the remembrance of Jesus ascending into heaven. Traditionally, the day is commemorated 40 days after Easter. And this year, those 40 days have seemed… well… to last a very long time, to say the least. I thought this a good day to visit the village of Bethany, located on the Eastern slope of the Mount of Olives (also known as Olivet), to the site of the miraculous event. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Ely, England


Most people who visit England seem to focus on London. They might want to see one of the ancient University towns of Oxford or Cambridge, but they don’t often stray too far from the capitol. Today, we’ll explore an area only 80 miles from London (and only 14 miles from Cambridge) that is full of history and legend, the Isle of Ely. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Inis Oírr, Republic of Ireland


Off the cost of Ireland, as the Bay of Galway opens to the mighty Atlantic Ocean, is a series of three islands with a history spanning nearly 4,000 years. Today, I thought we might visit one of the more remote sites to which I’ve ever traveled. Join me as I lead you through a tour of Inis Oírr and the Aran Islands. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Yardenit, Israel


Today’s guest blog is written by Pastor Bruce Van Sickle, of the Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley. Pastor Bruce has traveled to the Holy Land as the leader of numerous pilgrimage groups. In this short reflection, he shares some memories of Yardenit, the traditional site on the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized by John. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Fatima, Portugal


This blog post was written by Samuel Vasquez, a Catholic Program Consultant with Journeys, in commemoration of Our Lady of Fatima, which is celebrated on May 13. The Story of Fatima Between May 13 and October 13, 1917, near the village of Fatima, three Portuguese children–Francisco and Jacinta Marto and Lucia dos Santos, their cousin–witnessed […] complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Madrid, Spain


Many years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Spain for a site inspection (when a travel company representative visits an area wish which (s)he is unfamiliar, for the purpose of setting up relationships with hotels, restaurants, concert venues, and sightseeing attractions). Although it sounds like a great thing to do, it is often filled with difficulty and challenge. I thought: what could possibly go wrong while traveling in a foreign county that I haven’t visited before? How difficult could it be to stay in a different hotel every night for over a week and fill my days with meetings and tours of sites? We’ll today, I’ll tell you about the first time I visited Madrid and what a horrible and wonderful experience it was! complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France


Join us for a visit to the beautiful Sainte Chapelle, in Paris. This post was written by the President of Faith Journeys, John Wiscombe, and is a great example of the depth of knowledge you will find with our company and where we get our passion for travel, especially to Christian religious sites around the world. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Salisbury, England


Salisbury is an ancient site of worship, in many respects. Follow us as we travel through history to visit Stonehenge, Old Sarum, and the Salisbury Cathedral. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Luxembourg Region


Today I offer you something different. Instead of focusing on one place, I want to tell you about three different sites, in two different countries, that are all about a 30 minute drive from each other. Join me as we take a virtual pilgrimage to Trier, Echternach, and the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Petra, Jordan


Today, we enjoy post by a guest blogger, the Rev. Canon Johnnie Ross, Diocesan Dean for Small Church & Pastoral Development, The Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, NY, and Rector of St. Andrew’s, Caledonia and Grace, Scottsville. Johnnie and his wife recently led a pilgrimage to Israel that included a three-day extension to Petra. _____________________________ Imagine with […] complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Rosslyn, Scotland


Located just 8 miles South of Edinburgh is a site that draws thousands of tourists each year. Most of the visitors to the site view it as a literary “must see” and not a religious pilgrimage site. So today, we’ll visit Rosslyn Chapel and learn about its history and significance. I’ll also share why anyone interested in church history and lore might add this to his or her list of sites to visit in Scotland. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Lisieux, France


Tucked away in the Calvados region of Normandy is the small town of Lisieux. This little site in the Northwest of France could be easily overlook by visitors if it had not been for one person, St. Thérèse, sometimes called “The Little Flower of Jesus”.  I shared in a previous blog about traveling with a youth […] complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Cana, Israel


The miracle of Jesus turning water into wine is recorded in only one of the four Gospels, yet John’s story is often pointed to as a defining moment in Jesus’ public ministry and a sign of his power. Today, we visit Cana, in Galilee, to learn about the site of that first miracle. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Windsor, England


For any group (or individual) visiting England, and flying into London’s Heathrow Airport, I would strongly suggest making the short drive to Windsor. Located just under 10 minutes out from Heathrow, Windsor is a great historical treasure and a perfect place to start adjusting to the time difference. With its quaint city center, proximity to Eaton, and famous castle, I think you’ll want to make it a part of your arrival day routine, as well. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Barcelona


Today, we visit the beautiful Mediteranean city of Barcelona. Although there are many things to do and see in the city, the focus of this blog will be on the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia (or Basilica of the Holy Family). complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Iona, Scotland


The Isle of Iona and Iona Abbey- Guest Blogger, Canon Holly Herring, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix, AZ complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – St. Andrews, Scotland


Today, we travel a little over 30 miles from Edinburgh, to the town of St. Andrews. While the town is most well-known for something I’ll share later, St Andrew’s is a very significant religious site, as is the Cathedral that bears the name. St. Andrew’s Cathedral was not only the most important pilgrimage sites in medieval Scotland, but one of the most important in the world! Today, its impressive ruins are as much a draw as the famous golf course. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Stirling, Scotland


Yesterday we journeyed Edinburgh, and today we travel to a nearby and very important site, Stirling. Located nearly equal distance from Edinburgh and Glasgow, Stirling is a more obscure sight not everyone has heard of, and surely not visited. If you do get a chance to travel there, you may want to go back, again […] complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – St. Giles’ Cathedral – Edinburgh, Scotland


If any of you know me, you knew it wouldn’t be long before I started writing about Scotland. Of all the places I’ve lived, Edinburgh is, by far, my favorite. Sir Walter Scott once called the city “yon Empress of the North.” And, what is an Empress without a crown. Today, we’ll visit St. Giles’ Cathedral, the crown jewel of Edinburgh. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Easter Monday


Alleluia! Christ is risen! Easter has come! We celebrated in many different ways this year. For most of us, we watched one or more video broadcasts or livestreams from our local church or from churches around the country. We went on about our day with as much normalcy as we could muster. But, Easter isn’t just a day that only comes once a year. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Holy Saturday


We’ve almost made it to Easter. Many churches would be preparing for a special vigil service to begin at sundown. This year things are, of course, a bit different. This year, if we’re lucky, we await the coming of Easter in our homes, surrounded by our families. I suppose it is fitting that we are separated from our communities, huddled behind closed doors for safety. I would think it is the same way the followers of Jesus spent this night over two thousand years ago. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Good Friday


Today is Good Friday and we remember the Lord’s crucifixion, death, and burial in the tomb. There have been so many places I’ve wanted to highlight for you in this blog; there are just too many. For today, I want only to share three places with you: the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu, the […] complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Maundy Thursday


Today is Maundy (or Holy) Thursday and I wanted to write about the actual sites in Jerusalem that are associated with the events as we hear them unfold in the Bible. Today’s blog will focus on the Upper Room and the Garden of Gethsemane. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Walking in Jerusalem


As we approach the Paschal Triduum (the period of three days that begins with the liturgy on the evening of Maundy Thursday), I would enjoy sharing about visiting Jerusalem. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Pools of Bethesda/St. Anne’s Church


Today, we visit the site of a well-known story from the Gospel of John where Jesus heals the paralytic at the Pools of Bethesda and walk to the Crusader church of St. Anne. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Jerusalem: The Temple Mount and Western Wall


Today’s pilgrimage takes us to the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, and is more of a story of the last time I visited there. While I will share some history, what I really want to do, as we approach Good Friday, is share with you what it felt like to be standing in a site that Jesus would have known, seen, and visited. So, come along with me to Jerusalem. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – The Gates of Jerusalem, Israel


Today is Palm Sunday and most of us are accustomed to gathering to wave palm branches and shout “Hosanna to the Son of David” or “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” Of course, this year is different and has not allowed us to do that with more than our immediate family. I have seen so many wonderful on-line offerings of services, with clergy and lay leaders doing all they can to fill the void. Each community is gathering in new ways, on this day, as we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Coventry, England


When I think of visiting one of the great Cathedral cities of England, the usual suspects always come to mind: Canterbury, York Minster, Ely, Wells, Salisbury… (the list could go on and on).There’s one Cathedral most people wouldn’t think to put on their list, though it is one of the most beautiful and emotionally stirring houses of worship in all of the United Kingdom. Coventry Cathedral is a site I could visit a hundred times and feel as if I wanted to go back for more. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Toledo, Spain


About an hour south of Madrid is the city of Toledo. It was, at one time, the capitol of the Visigoth Kingdom, a conquest of the Moorish armies, a stronghold of the Knights Templar, and home to a solemn procession which dates from the 15th century, and is still celebrated today. complete blog »

Want to plan your own Itinerary? Faith Journeys will work to customize your pilgrimage


“Thank you, to Faith Journeys, for your excellent service and willingness to let us plan these two weeks in detail! We believe it resulted in very happy and satisfied travelers and a return to Knoxville with unforgettable, faith-changing experiences to cherish!” The Rev. Bill and Eleanor Barron Retired Presbyterian Pastor Knoxville, TN complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Glendalough, Republic of Ireland


Just South of Dublin, in the misty Wicklow Mountains is a site called Glendalough. It is considered a “thin place” in Celtic Christianity and home to St. Kevin’s Monastery. Today, we’ll explore this “must see” pilgrimage location in the Republic of Ireland and learn about why it has been a holy site since the early 6th century. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Sea of Galilee, Israel


The Sea of Galilee is a central part of the Gospels of the New Testament. The area around the Galilee is the main focus of Jesus’ early ministry, teaching, and miracles. Today, let’s travel to Israel to learn about a “must see” pilgrimage site for any Christian who is traveling in the Holy Land. complete blog »

Want to build a culture of pilgrimage in your community?


“Working with FJ was simply a remarkable experience! Their attention to detail, constant follow-up, listening to our needs, and friendliness was second to none! FJ’s helped me get the journey I wanted and the experience we had hoped for. At the end of our pilgrimage, every single participant, all 27, said they’d do it again […] complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Holy Island, England


Today’s stop on our virtual pilgrimage brings us back to England. Holy Island, or the Isle of Lindisfarne, is a very special place located in the very North of England. It has a fascinating history that includes Celtic Christianity, early English saints, and viking raiders. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Paris, France


It has been a good ten years since I have been to Paris and the world has changed dramatically since then. The city has endured labor strikes, the Cathedral of Notre Dame has been nearly destroyed by a fire, and now the streets and famous landmark sites are empty, due to the Coronavirus. But, the “City of Light” still burns brightly and is waiting for a time that people can come, visit, and worship in her beautiful churches, once again. complete blog »

Virtual Pilgrimage – Downpatrick, Northern Ireland


The focus of today’s virtual pilgrimage is the Emerald Isle and the burial site St. Patrick – Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. Follow me and learn more about Patrick and several other saints associated with this little Irish town. complete blog »
Mary Statue in Nazareth

Virtual Pilgrimage – Nazareth (The Annunciation)


Today’s virtual pilgrimage takes us to Nazareth and the site of the Annunciation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary. complete blog »
The High Altar

Virtual Pilgrimage – Canterbury, England


Canterbury is home to one of the oldest Christian sites in England. It was to Canterbury that Pope Gregory I sent Augustine as a missionary to the Anglo-Saxons in 596. Today, if is the mother church of the Church of England and the world-wide Anglican Communion. complete blog »

Christians to Christians


Dear Friends, On behalf of all of us at Faith Journeys, I want to reach out to you—our colleagues, and clients—truly in my heart, our friends and family. As a family-owned business, we share our thoughts and prayers for all of you. We are all impacted similarly with the uncertainty of our times. We too […] complete blog »

5 Must-See Cities on Your Pilgrimage to Greece


1. Athens “The divine city,” Athens is home to the Parthenon, Acropolis and other enduring monuments to Ancient Greece. It is also the site where Apostle Paul gave his famous sermon about The Unknown God. 2. Corinth Corinth is one of the oldest towns in Greece, at times rivaling Athens and Thebes in wealth. It […] complete blog »

Your Ministry Partner in Pilgrimage Travel


VALUE AND SUBSTANCE/A TRUE PILGRIMAGE EXPERIENCE “Looking at other tour companies, some which were cheaper and some more expensive, we got more than we paid for in every respect – accommodations, travel, touring, meals, etc. I spoke with others in our area who traveled with other companies and they were impressed that we were able […] complete blog »

One Incredible Moment After Another


There is not an adequate way to express the personal and spiritual highlights of the tour. It was one incredible moment after another and to choose just one or two would be a disservice to all the others! I think all the participants feel the same way. Working with Faith Journeys has always been a […] complete blog »

Spiritual – Meaningful – Unforgettable


5 Stars to all at Faith Journey’s! They did an AMAZING JOB. So friendly, supportive and so helpful all along the way. Faith Journeys went the extra mile. What influenced me to partner with Faith Journeys were all the comments others have made about their experiences working with Faith Journeys, and their many years of […] complete blog »

Walking in the Land of the Bible – Why You Should Travel to the Holy Land


“We returned home with renewed friendships, new friendships, and forever changed by what we have experienced here. Regardless of your faith affiliation, the impact of this region on the world is undeniable. The commingling of security forces, tourists, and the people who populate this land are just a fabric of the community. The kinds of […] complete blog »

Faith Journeys to the Holy Land


“Our FJ Team did a very good job. They were attentive to our needs and responsive. Our FJ Tour Guide was an incredible guide! She not only knew history of the sites, she knew archeological information and since she was a Christian guide, with a good grasp of Scripture, she really enlivened the tour. She […] complete blog »

St. Hilary Catholic Church Visits France, Spain & Portugal


“Faith Journeys is a pleasure to work with! They take care of everything and there is never a worry. The local guides are always excellent! The company worked with me to customize our trip and I also appreciate their expert advice in crafting an itinerary that maximizes our limited time together, and makes sure we […] complete blog »

“Aha” Moments in the Holy Land


“GREAT TOUR FOR VALUE AND EXPERIENCE TOGETHER. Thank you for making this possible for so many of our people in keeping the cost reasonable. As a pastor, I love seeing people’s “aha” moments as they understand scripture from a geographic, Biblical, historical, personal and spiritual perspective. It is a JOY! As a pastor, my highlights […] complete blog »

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Tours Ireland & Scotland


“Overall, the pilgrimage was a HUGE success! Everyone came back raving about what a great time they had, the interesting places they had visited, and the things they had learned. Working with Faith Journeys was a great experience. This was my first time leading a pilgrimage and Faith Journeys helped guide me through the process […] complete blog »

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church tours Ireland and Scotland


“Our travel to Ireland and Scotland gave us a wonderful introduction to the beauty and gift of Celtic spirituality and the ancient traditions of the church. We were well taken care of and experienced places and people we might never have encountered on our own. We are grateful for the work and gift of Faith […] complete blog »

Christ the King Community Church tours the Holy Land


“I enjoy working with Faith Journeys as they allow for an amazing experience. The spiritual space and discipleship moments allow me, as a pastor, to shepherd my own people while leaving the details to FJ. Our local Tour Manager was FANTASTIC. He knows his stuff, and his passion for Jesus sets him apart. The sightseeing […] complete blog »

The Holy Land brings meaningful experiences for St. Anthony on the Desert


“We are writing to express our thanks to all of you for an amazing experience in Israel. Faith Journeys did a wonderful job with organization and getting information to us. All the logistics were handled with professionalism. Every detail was planned, which made our travel worry free. Even before the trip, we could contact Darren […] complete blog »

Bible Institute of Hawaii members tour Greece and Turkey


“The beautiful landscapes combined with the compelling historical drama of Greece and Turkey in the biblical world contribute to an unforgettable trip. Both my intellect and heart were fed richly by the competence and professionalism of Faith Journeys. The Faith Journeys Team is very competent and responsive. They are invaluable in working with us. My […] complete blog »

St. Anthony on the Desert Tours the Holy Land


“Our trip managed to touch on all of the important sights on our itinerary. We appreciated the ease of access to each sight – carefully navigated by our tour guide. He was able to relay detailed stories and connect locations to scripture references. He was attentive to the group’s needs and made modifications to our […] complete blog »

Experience the Holy Land with a Believer, Not Just a Guide


This was my fourth (4th) trip to the Holy Land.  I must say it was the best!  Overall our pilgrims experienced a spiritual journey where the connections to scripture and where Jesus lived to be a meaningful experience for them. This was one of the best pilgrimages in the Holy Land that I have experienced.  […] complete blog »

Leave the Planning Details of your Religious Tour to Faith Journeys so You can Enjoy Each Memory!


Considering a trip to the Holy Land presents two questions for many people… complete blog »

Our Lady of the Woods Youth Ministry “Volun-Tours” in Hawaii


Our Lady of the Woods Youth Ministry had a wonderful time volunteering on their New Year’s holiday trip to Hawaii. They had the opportunity to enjoy the island paradise experience while giving back to the communities they visited through beach clean-ups, mentoring at-risk youth, and preparing meals for the homeless. complete blog »

The Trip of a Lifetime – Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Celebrates the 500th Year of the Reformation in Germany


Members of the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church from Saint Paul, Minnesota recently returned from their tour to Germany. Their journey began in Berlin as they explored the Footsteps of the Great Reformer, Martin Luther. Tracing the footsteps of Martin Luther’s life is an experience sure to be remembered by all. Read what Pastor Bradley Schmeling […] complete blog »

Follow in the footsteps of Luther, the Great Reformer


Pastor Karen Behling and Professor David Behling led their group on a ten-day reformation journey to Germany to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther. Read what Pastor Karen Behling had to say about her experience:   “Visiting the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig was an incredibly moving experience for many in the group – […] complete blog »

The CSJ Institute of Mount Saint Mary’s University explore the rich history of the founders of the Sisters of Carondelet through France


The CSJ Institute of Mount Saint Mary’s University had a wonderful time exploring the rich history of the founders of the Sisters of Carondelet through France. Exploring the life of Mother St. John Fontbonne who served in leadership of the Sisters of St. Joseph before and after the French Revolution. It was in 1836 that […] complete blog »

Members of the Rabbit Creek Church had an “Incredible Journey” through the Holy Land


Members of the Rabbit Creek Church from Anchorage, Alaska embarked on a ten day tour to the Holy Land! Read what tour hosts, Vonday Kay and Dr. Mark, had to say about their experience: “We had an amazing trip! There is nothing like being in the places Jesus was. The Bible truly does come alive. […] complete blog »

Bless Your Congregation – Becoming the most skillful, knowledgeable, and prepared servant of the Word


“While there are many things that a pastor does in ministry, nothing is more important than his devotion to teach and preach the Bible, the very Word of God. For that reason, a pastor needs to do everything he can to prepare himself to be the most skillful, knowledgeable, and prepared servant of the Word […] complete blog »

Evangelical Free Church Deepened their Faith as they followed in the Footsteps of Jesus through the Holy Land!


Pastor Bruce Van Sickle led his congregation on a thirteen day spiritual journey through the Holy Land! This journey gave each member the opportunity to deepen their faith as they followed in the footsteps of Jesus. Here is what Pastor Bruce Van Sickle had to say about his journey to the Holy Land: “Excellent. We got to […] complete blog »

St. Hilary Catholic Church Journeys to the Shrines and Cathedrals of France!


Members of the St. Hilary Catholic Church embarked on an eleven day spiritual journey to the shrines and cathedrals of France. Some highlights of their tour included visits to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame Cathedral, Mass at the Tomb of St. Therese, and a guided tour of the Abbey of St. Martin. Read what Father […] complete blog »

Reverend Michael Cooper and his Pilgrimage Group Journey through Spain!


The Camino, or “The Way,” across Northern Spain to the Cathedral and burial spot of Santiago or Saint James in Northwestern Spain has almost a 1000 year tradition in the Catholic/Christian faith. As a walking pilgrimage it is a graceful and joyful journey. Making it with friends or with a community of companions in faith […] complete blog »

St. Jacob Lutheran Church Returns from Europe!


Members of the St. Jacob Lutheran Church from Anna, Ohio journeyed to Italy and Germany on a thirteen day tour to build and strengthen their faith and fellowship. The journey began in Rome, visiting “bucket list” sites associated with the early Christian Church, the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, including the Vatican Museum, the Coliseum […] complete blog »

St. Matthew’s Church Returns from Ireland and Scotland!


Members of the St. Matthew’s Church experienced many of Ireland’s and Scotland’s iconic locations by immersing themselves into the culture, history, and religious significance of these two lands. Spiritual highlights of the tour included sites associated with St. Patrick and visiting the hauntingly beautiful monastic sites in Glendalough. St. Matthew’s Church selected Faith Journeys as their […] complete blog »

First Presbyterian Church from Lancaster, Pennsylvania experience the best of Ireland and Scotland!


Members of the First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania embarked on a nine day tour to Ireland and Scotland! Their journey began in Dublin, Ireland where they explored Trinity College, Christchurch Cathedral, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. As the tour continued they headed towards Belfast, where the Titanic was built, before heading off to Scotland to […] complete blog »

Dave Mendoza and his Congregation have an “Unforgettable Spiritual Experience” in the Holy Land!


Dave and Suzy Mendoza led their congregation on an “unforgettable spiritual” journey to the Holy Land! Some highlights of their trip were visiting Bethlehem, Nazareth, Mt. of Beatitudes, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jerusalem and much more! See what made their second trip with Faith Journeys to the Holy Land so memorable: “Words cannot express our […] complete blog »

Christ Lutheran Church Members Walked in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Early Apostles!


Members of the Christ Lutheran Church from Brea, California embarked on a thirteen day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In addition to Jerusalem, they traveled to Caesarea, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, and many more sacred sites. See what made their experience so memorable: “It was the trip of a lifetime that we will never forget, and […] complete blog »

A Journey to the Holy Land “Exceeded Expectations” for Members of the Evergreen Church!


Members of the Evergreen Church from Bothell, Washington went on a twelve day journey to the Holy Land. See what made their experience so memorable: “Our experience in Israel exceeded our expectations. Malcolm Cartier proved to be an exceptional guide. Malcolm, brought 45 years of guide experience, living through the rebirth of Israel plus his […] complete blog »

Bill Barron and his Congregation had the “Best Experience Possible” on their Journey to the Holy Land!


Bill and Eleanor Barron led their congregation on a fifteen day journey to the Holy Land. See what made their experience so memorable: “Roman was excellent!!! We found his personal witness to be refreshing and intimate, and he was truly prepared and expert on the scripture, archeology, and history! He is truly a fine man […] complete blog »

Redeemer Lutheran Church from Olathe, Kansas has “the trip of a lifetime” on their Reformation tour to Germany!


Reverend Perry Sukstorf led his group on a ten-day reformation journey to Germany to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther. Below is a highlight from Reverend Sukstorf about his tour with Faith Journeys: “I really appreciate how Faith Journeys tries to ensure you have the trip you as the leader are intending to create […] complete blog »

Pastor Frank Janzow Leads his Congregation through Germany and Austria!


Pastor Frank Janzow led his group on a ten day reformation journey to Germany and Austria . Below is a highlight from Pastor Frank Janzow about his second trip with Faith Journeys: “As in previous trips using FJ, there is a clear sense that the office team is there for you any time, and is willing to […] complete blog »

Ascension Lutheran Church Fulfills a “Dream God Planted in their Heart”


Ascension Lutheran Church recently returned from the Holy Land. Below is a highlight from Pastor Frank Janzow “Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on the amazing trip to the Holy Land that my wife Jan and I experienced along with 24 others. For me a dream God planted in my heart a year ago […] complete blog »