Evangelical Free Church Deepened their Faith as they followed in the Footsteps of Jesus through the Holy Land!

Pastor Bruce Van Sickle led his congregation on a thirteen day spiritual journey through the Holy Land! This journey gave each member the opportunity to deepen their faith as they followed in the footsteps of Jesus. Here is what Pastor Bruce Van Sickle had to say about his journey to the Holy Land:

“Excellent. We got to see a few new things this trip and deleted some things that in my opinion were okay to delete due to some time restraints. Adding Magdala and the Temple Mount were great. Baptisms. Jesus Boat. Singing Via Dolorosa at Station 2 chapel. The private garden area at Gethsemane was a great addition. I need to find out how to do that again… For new pilgrims- they were overwhelmed with it all. For those who had been there before- Jackie [the tour guide] and some of the new sights were wonderful for them!” 

Pastor Bruce Van Sickle

Evangelical Free Church

Green Valley, Arizona