Planning and Promoting – It’s easier than you think

So, you think you want to put together a pilgrimage for your faith community, but you don’t know what to do next. At Faith Journeys, our program consultants will walk you through all of the information you will want to know. But, if you’re still unsure how much work will be involved on your end, this article is here to help you understand just how easy the process can be.

So, let’s start with the basics:

I’ve decided on a destination/itinerary, how do I get the information out to my community?

Your Faith Journeys’ program specialist will work with our in-house operations and marketing team to produce a series of documents to help you promote your pilgrimage. Materials will include an On-Line Portal, Brochures, Ads, Eblasts, and Videos.

  • OnLine Portal: When you are ready to move forward, we’ll send you a link to an electronic portal. Once you register the group, you’ll receive a link to your group’s portal. When you share this link, your potential participants will be able to register, view travel details, see promotional materials, register, and make deposits and payments. And, you will have access to the participant list and the ability to message anyone that is registered.
  • Brochures: This 12-page document is the perfect marketing tool. Within its 12 or more pages is a copy of the itinerary, pricing/deposit/payment information, what’s included/not included list/travel insurance information, flight information, and a Registration Form. (Although this document is available on the portal, we’re happy to print some physical copies for you to have on hand.)
  • Ads:  We can create any number of digital and print ad formats that can be used as slides for online worship/meetings, newsletter, newspaper, video announcement, or any other place you may want to use it.
  • HTML Formatted Eblasts: Our marketing team will assemble an HTML-coded email (with an embedded link to your group’s portal). This will allow you to copy and paste an e-message that can be sent to your entire email directory announcing your pilgrimage.
  • Video: We all know the importance of video in modern communication, so we’ve developed multiple tools to help connect you will potential participants. We can produce short video advertisements to a full presentation video. Just let us know what would work best for you and your group.

The number one priority for getting people motivated and wanting to go with you is YOUR PASSION! If you want to go and share these spiritual sites with others, they will want to come with you. We want you to focus on that passion and let us supply you with any promotional materials you may want or need.

Together, we’ll start a spiritual fire that will burn through you and your fellow pilgrims for years!