Experience the Holy Land with a Believer, Not Just a Guide

This was my fourth (4th) trip to the Holy Land.  I must say it was the best!  Overall our pilgrims experienced a spiritual journey where the connections to scripture and where Jesus lived to be a meaningful experience for them.

This was one of the best pilgrimages in the Holy Land that I have experienced.  Much of that happened because of our Faith Journeys Guide’s excellent service and information.  What was best about him, was his balanced theological approach and that he participated in prayer/Mass with the group.  He is a believer…not simply a “guide” who shows folks around in the Holy Land.  It became very evident that he just did not learn facts to share with others.  He was a believer who studied theology, archeology, history, and Scripture so that he could make sense of the “Greatest Story Ever Told” and be able to share it in a meaningful way with others.

Fr. Michael Cooper
Sr. Caroline Cerveny