Bible Institute of Hawaii members tour Greece and Turkey

“The beautiful landscapes combined with the compelling historical drama of Greece and Turkey in the biblical world contribute to an unforgettable trip. Both my intellect and heart were fed richly by the competence and professionalism of Faith Journeys. The Faith Journeys Team is very competent and responsive. They are invaluable in working with us.

My personal highlights are numerous, including Philippi and Lydia’s baptistery near the river, Paul’s prison, Thessaloniki and northern Greece is beautiful and inspiring, Kalambaka is absolutely stunning and jaw dropping. Patmos and Ephesus were historically amazing and still inspires me. For my group the overall pace and informative and personal attention of a talented guide in Andy made all the difference. The highlights for them include the three-day cruise and all the islands and excursions. The cruise is a vital part of the experience. More than I had anticipated.

Overall, a very well balanced and nicely programmed daily itinerary. Very pleased. The tour was thoroughly enjoyable and I want to return!”

Randy Furushima