Virtual Pilgrimage – Virtual Touring

Since many of us had travel plans for this summer and were looking forward to seeing new and exciting things on our pilgrimage adventures, I thought today I would post some resources for visiting sites virtually. Below are a few links to virtual tours or videos on popular pilgrimage sites around the world. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to post and share your own photos and videos from your faith journeys.

Italy – The Vatican

This is a virtual tour of the Vatican, with 360 degree views of the Sistine Chapel, galleries, halls and rooms within the Vatican Museum complex.

England – Canterbury Cathedral

A virtual tour of Canterbury Cathedral, with 360 degree views from multiple vantage points within the building.

Israel – Jerusalem

Offered by Samsung XR, this is a video offering that includes a 360-degree virtual tour of Jerusalem. Stops include: Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Western Wall, Old City markets, Mount of Olives and much more. You can watch the video and drag the screen around to see different views of each site.

Germany – Oberammergau

This video was produced by the Oberammergau Passion Play Committee in 2010. It is a fascinating look into the history of the town’s involvement in the production of the play, every 10 years.