2021 International Eucharistic Congress


The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has postponed the upcoming International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary in September of 2020. It has now been re-scheduled for September of 2021. This postponement will allow Catholics from around the world to gather safely to share God’s unsurpassable gift to the Church, his bride. Throughout history, the Church has feared no “extravagance” in devoting the best of her resources to expressing her wonder and adoration before her Eucharistic Spouse and Lord.
A clear expression of this “extravagance” can be witnessed at an International Eucharistic Congress. The highlight of the congress is generally the solemn procession and final celebration of the Eucharist. Our updated itinerary options include: Vienna, Krakow, Czestochowa, Dubrovnik, Međugorje, Zagreb, and Prague.

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This trip to the Holy Land and Jordan was a once in a lifetime event. It was very emotional and spiritually moving to be in the land where our Lord lived, died and rose for the sins of each person in the world. In Jordan, we actually followed part of the exodus of Moses. Since returning, every time I hear or read the Scriptures my mind is filled with actual images of real places. I simply cannot look at the Bible in the same way ever again. It was the trip of a lifetime that we will never forget and will be able to look back on for the rest of our lives. It was well worth the cost which my people thought was very reasonable and affordable.
Pastor Richard Dannenbring, Christ Lutheran Church & School, Brea, CA