Protestant Tours to Italy

Protestant tours to Italy from Faith Journeys.

With enumerable Christian and Biblical tours available, ITALY will bring to life in our minds and hearts the history of Christianity, the callings and courage of the early Apostles of Christ, and the ancient stirrings of the Christian Reformation.

As we follow Paul’s timeless Journey along the Appian Way (the oldest road from Roman times) to Rome to behold awe-inspiring cathedrals and treasured works of art, as we move through the beautiful Italian countryside to visit many ancient Religious sites as mentioned in the Bible, in Romans and in The Acts of the New Testament, we’ll experience true communion with all of those, past and present, who believe all things, hope all things and follow Jesus Christ.

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The Apostle Paul’s Journey to Rome- 12 Days/ 10 Nights

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a rare and privileged event. Every person of faith should make such a trip a priority in one's life. However, great care is needed to make sure the experience reflects the intent of the traveler. Without careful planning, advanced preparation and attention to details while in the Holy Land, the pilgrimage can fall short of expectations. Faith Journey's is a trusted, experienced partner who can make sure your journey is a critical step towards a deeper communion with Our Savior and his people.
Deacon Bill Garrett, Archdiocese of Atlanta and President Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School