Catholic Pilgrimage to Ireland and the UK

Faith Journeys invites you to experience the awe and wonder of our Catholic tour of Ireland and the UK.

From the Holy Catholic Shrines in the Emerald Isle to the Majestic English Cathedrals

In the early days of Christianity in Ireland, St. Patrick is credited with teaching the Irish Christians about the concept of the Trinity by displaying the shamrock or 3-leaved clover to highlight the belief of “three divine persons in one God.” On this inspirational Catholic tour of Ireland and the UK, we learn about this and much more as we pilgrimage through the land of the “Emerald Isle” and England to visit majestic basilicas, cathedrals, convents, Benedictine monasteries, and religious shrines commemorating Eucharistic miracles, beloved Saints (including St. Cuthbert, St. Julian of Norwich and St. Thomas More), Martyrs (Thomas Beckett and King St. Edmund), and even visitations by the Virgin Mary.

Inspirational Catholic Masses

Our souls will not only be enriched by the life-changing Masses we celebrate along the way, but by unforgettable visits to places like Clonmacnoise, Newgrange, Westminster Cathedral, the Tower of London, Durham Cathedral, the Shrine of the Sacred Heart and Tyburn Martyrs, and St. Alban’s Cathedral.

We will not only be swept up by the beauty of the cities and countryside of picturesque England and Ireland but will also experience great wonder (from Armagh, an ancient site of worship for both Celtic paganism and Christianity and the island’s “ecclesiastical capital”).

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How many years have we worked together? I’ve lost count! I so appreciate your professional approach and care for the pilgrims we bring to you.
Father Michael Cooper