Catholic Pilgrimages to Italy

On Faith Journey`s Catholic pilgrimages to Italy, the centerpiece of the Catholic faith, you will experience a land rich in Catholic culture and the history of Christianity, and a Holy Land from time immemorial—with its impressive basilicas and cathedrals, humble convents, treasured art, and sacred shrines—has long been an important destination of Christian Pilgrimage.

Experience Life-Changing Masses

Come celebrate life-changing Masses along the way as we visit the native lands of courageous saints and places of Eucharistic miracles. We behold inspiring markers and world-renowned works of art dedicated to many of the things we hold sacred.

The Vatican, the Holy Father, and St. Peter`s Basilica

From the Vatican in Rome where we might experience Papal Audience with the Holy Father and the splendor of St. Peter’s Basilica (which houses such unforgettable sights as Michelangelo’s Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, holding her crucified son, and the tomb of Pope John Paul II), to Assisi where we can come to know the gentle beloved St. Francis – from the homes of Padre Pio (“Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry!”) and St. Benedict, to Siena (“the manageable Florence”) where St. Catherine knew many miracles, and to Padova where lived the much admired St. Anthony – we’ll walk in the footsteps of beloved saints and early Christians who sacrificed everything for their faith in Jesus Christ.

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A 10-Day Pilgrimage to Tuscany & Rome- 10 Days/ 8 Nights

Rome – The Modern Day Center of Roman Catholicism- 8 Days/ 6 Nights

The Shrines of Italy- 11 Days/ 9 Nights

St. Francis of Assisi- 9 Days/ 7 Nights

Eucharistic Miracles in Italy- 12 Days/ 10 Nights

In the Footsteps of Saint John XXIII: A Pilgrimage of Renewal & Hope- 10 Days/ 8 Nights

Renewed Faith in a Renewed Church: Celebrating 50 Years of Vatican II- 11 Days/ 9 Nights

St. Paul’s Journey to Rome- 10 Days/ 8 Nights

My personal highlights were the papal audience, everything in Assisi, wine tasting, meeting up with our seminarians studying in Rome, and Monte Cassino Abbey. I really enjoyed learning more about our saints and praying at their tombs. I loved seeing the major Basilicas in person! I chose Faith Journeys because I wanted to support a Catholic travel organization. I have been very happy working with Faith Journeys and would work with them again in the future.
Tina Schneider, Redeemer Radio Odysses, Indiana