11 Days / 9 Nights
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Pilgrimage has a long tradition in many religious traditions. The Camino or "The Way" across Northern Spain to the Cathedral and burial spot of Santiago or Saint James in Northwestern Spain has almost a 1000 year tradition in the Catholic/Christian faith. As a walking pilgrimage it is a graceful and joyful journey.

Making it with friends or with a community of companions in faith makes the pilgrimage even more enjoyable and fruitful. As the recent film "The Way" starring Martin Sheen demonstrated so well, pilgrims may start out with certain hopes and goals and discover other graces and blessings totally unexpected.

Sharing the journey in a faith-filled retreat and Eucharistic context enhances the depth and power of the experience. Along the camino, at meals, and in the evenings there will be plenty of time for community and friendship.

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